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Looking for a hobby you can love for a life time? How about racing homing pigeons?

The Skypilot pigeon club is our youth program run under the guidelines and rules of the 4-H program and the American Racing Pigeon Union. The club meets monthly.   

The youth elect their own officers and run their club activities under the guidance of Herb Cartmell, the adult volunteer leader, and other club members. 

The youth learn how to care for, train and fly young homing pigeons. Pigeons are provided to each member to settle into their own personal loft which they will help to build.  

The program starts in the Spring with each member getting a kit of up to 10 young homing pigeons. The birds are settled to their own backyard lofts, then trained and eventually flown in a series of races in the late Summer and Fall. Race distances vary, but progressively increase to approximately 300 miles. The birds are judged on performance of time on the wing and distance, and on members' bird care and handling abilities.   

Activities include record keeping, nutrition and feed analysis, time and speed calculation, health maintenance and disease control, animal motivation and coaching, message relays, and loft construction. The youth will receive a general knowledge of how these intelligent, beautiful birds find their way home, and the role they play in the world today and historically. The youth will participate in various shows including the Snohomish Country Fair in Monroe.       

Skypilot members receive 4-H awards of recognition as well as awards and diplomas from the American Racing Pigeon Union for their participation and their birds performance. 

The Skypilot club is open to all youth through age 18. Youth under 10 require adult supervision. 

For additional information and meeting times call Mr. Cartmell at: 425-486-4725  

"4-H is a community of young people across America
who are learning and practicing leadership, citizenship and life skills.

"Extension programs and policies are consistent with federal and state laws and regulations on nondiscrimination regarding race, sex, religion, age, color, creed, national or ethnic origin; physical, mental or sensory disability; marital status, sexual orientation, or status as a Vietnam-era or disabled veteran. Evidence of noncompliance may be reported through your local Extension Office."

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