Our Club

The Sno-King Racing Pigeon Club was founded in 1972 and currently has 16 members.



Officers for 2013


Herb Cartmell
         Race Secretary



Marian Maricutu Vice President Marvin Lazaro
Club Secretary
Bill Wilder


 Contact Info: (please report any SKI or Sky Pilot banded birds to any of the officers below.)

Herb Cartmell          Woodinville        425-486-4725                                                                                                                              Email: Pigeonherb@comcast.net

Bill Wilder                Issaquah           206 382 0844
Email evergreenmktginc@gmail.com

Marian Maricutu        Lynnwood         206-778-8374
Email maricuturo@yahoo.com

Marvin Lazaro           Lynnwood        206-715-1292
Email Lovell.lazaro@gmail.com



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