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Skypilot Racing Pigeon Club is Taking Flight.

March 2007

The Skypilot Racing Pigeon Club is now accepting members for 2007. The newly formed club will focus on the care, training and racing of these thoroughbreds of the sky. The club will meet monthly. 

The club is affiliated with the Sno-King Racing Pigeon Club which is hosted by the Woodinville Lions Club at the Mountain View Community Center at 19008168th Ave. NE in Woodinville.

The Sno-King club and will provide start-up kits of up to 10 young birds to each youth who will settle and train the birds to fly to their own backyard lofts. We are in breeding season now so as soon as a youth has a dry place to keep the birds, secure from predators, and a way for them to leave and return into the loft, they will be ready for their birds..

Our first meeting will be 1:00 PM on March 17th at the club house to discuss what is required for a loft and see who will need help getting set up. We will also watch the short video, "Marathon in the Sky".

The program will start in the Spring with a series of races in the late Summer and Fall of increasing distances up to approximately 300 miles.

For Additional Information or to Sign Up:

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